Specialist Clinics

Specialist Clinics

From squints and lazy eyes in children to cataracts in older eyes, rest assured an examination at Eye Academy will keep you in the best possible eye health.

Glaucoma Assessment

Performed by one of our specialist optometrists, the Glaucoma assessment is a hospital-grade examination designed to diagnose Glaucoma at the earliest possible stage.

Hydroxychloroquine Eye Screening

This specialist screening is designed to diagnose and monitor the possible effects of the medication on your eye health and vision.

Dry Eye Assessment

At Eye Academy, we offer a private 40-minute examination to fully investigate the cause and effects of each individual’s dry eye symptoms.

Punctal Plug Fitting

Punctal, or punctum, plugs are a very effective method of managing symptoms of dry eye. See one of our specialist optometrists to have a set of punctum plugs fitted.


Blepharitis is a very common eye condition affecting people of all ages where the eyelid margins become inflamed.

Visual Stress & Reading Clinic

Have you noticed your child reading slowly or hesitantly, struggling with school work or experiencing headaches or sore eyes? These symptoms are synonymous with Dyslexia but are also common symptoms of Visual Stress.

Squint & Lazy Eye Clinic

Squints and lazy eyes can range in severity, sometimes they can be obviously misaligned whilst smaller squints are usually not visible. It is therefore important for children to be examined properly with a Squint & Lazy Eye Assessment.

Myopia Management

Myopia management is the use of specially designed contact lenses or spectacle lenses used to slow down the progression of myopia (short-sightedness).

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