Computer or Occupational Lenses

Computer or Occupational Lenses

Office, occupational or computer lenses have been specially optimised for the office and computer screen, making the average working day easier on your eyes. These lenses help you concentrate and work without tiring your eyes.

We’re finding that patients are asking, in increasing numbers, if their daily routines are harming their eyesight. And with good reason. Nowadays we spend more and more time looking at a computer screen – both at work and at home. While this may affect our eyes, there are ways to alleviate it.

Electronic devices with visual displays can cause strain on our eyes. It is said that approximately 7 out of 10 people suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain. These symptoms, which are caused by computer use, can include:

- Tired eyes

- Dry eyes

- Burning eyes

- Headaches

- Difficulty falling asleep or light sleep

- Neck or shoulder pain

There are two major causes of digital eye strain:

- Prolonged focusing at near distances

- Blue light emitted from digital devices

Luckily, there’s a simple solution that will allow your eyes to relax, giving you a more pleasant screen experience overall.

We can provide specially created lenses designed to address these causes of strain and make computer and digital screen use more comfortable. They cut part of the blue light emitted by the screen, and help the eye focus more efficiently.

What is the difference between computer lenses, reading glasses, and varifocals?

If you already wear glasses but find it hard to read clearly, this would be the point you might look at varifocals that offer three prescription strengths in one lens – distance, reading, and intermediate. However, varifocal lenses can have a narrower field of view and some people find them difficult when working for long periods of time either reading or on a computer. This is completely normal and is down to the design of the lens. 

If you don't already wear glasses for distance vision or everyday use, but you are now struggling with reading clearly, then you may consider simple reading glasses. However, you will find that you constantly have to take them on and off, or perch them on the end of your nose and look over the top. That’s because single-vision reading glasses only give you clear vision at a fixed length, usually, only 30 to 40cm, meaning everything beyond is out of focus.

Computer lenses otherwise known as occupational lenses, are the perfect in-between option. These lenses are ideal for people who struggle to see clearly at both near and arm’s length (computer type) distances, but still need to see across the room (under 4m) for presentations or visitors.

And it’s not just office workers who this might affect, there are many professions where people need to see close-up but also look across the room for example; nurses, doctors, hairdressers, chefs, teachers, shop assistants, receptionists, musicians and many more.

Hoya Workstyle Occupational Lenses

From specialised tasks to hobbies and professions, these lenses can be tailored to your individual needs.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Wearers multi-tasking in indoor situations whether at home or at work.

Nikon Home&Office Occupational Lenses

The perfect enhanced intermediate vision lenses for home and office (switching between computers and TV's etc)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Wearers multi-tasking in indoor situations whether at home or at work.

Nikon Online Wide Occupational Lenses

The perfect extended near vision lenses for prolonged near activities (tablet, reading etc)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Wearers who want to upgrade from reading glasses or use as a complimentary pair.

Nikon Relaxsee Neo Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Lenses designed specifically for eye strain symptoms, such as neck pain, headaches or blurred vision.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Wearers whose eyes feel tired after prolonged use of eyeglasses.

Nikon SeeCoat Blue Premium Computer Lenses

SeeCoat Blue Premium UV Coating boasts blue light filter technology & full UV protection.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Computer and digital device users and for those wanting an optimal UV protection.

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