Visual Stress & Reading Clinic

Visual Stress & Reading Clinic

Some symptoms of dyslexia and SpLDs, such as words and lines becoming jumbled can be very similar to those of certain eye problems, and the two can even often overlap. Those experiencing difficulty with reading or symptoms of dyslexia should undergo a specialist vision assessment to check for any possible, underlying visual anomalies.

It is well-known that some children and adults struggle with reading and writing, causing them to struggle with certain subjects. This can be frustrating and distressing as the person is otherwise intelligent and there appears to be no obvious reason for the difficulty.

These individuals are regarded as having a specific reading difficulty, which is often called dyslexia.

Some reported signs of dyslexia such as words and lines becoming blurred or hesitant and laboured reading, can be very similar to those of certain eye problems, and the two can even often overlap. Because of these similarities and potential overlap, those experiencing visual symptoms or dyslexia could benefit from a comprehensive vision assessment to check for any underlying visual anomalies.

Visual Problems & Dyslexia

Have you noticed your child reading slowly or hesitantly, struggling with school work or experiencing headaches or sore eyes? These signs are synonymous with Dyslexia but are also common symptoms of Visual Stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive regarding the Visual Stress and Reading Assessments at Eye Academy. If you have a question we have missed, get in touch and we will be able to assist further.

Colourimetry & Colour Overlays

The correction of any underlying visual problems can often dramatically reduce symptoms in many individuals who are struggling with reading and writing. However, those who are still having difficulties may benefit from a colourimetry assessment.

Clinical Eye Tracker

The Clinical Eye Tracker is an exciting new tool to accurately assess eye movements and binocular vision. Eye-tracking recordings allow us to literally observe a child’s eye movements, as they read a passage of text, and this provides a brilliant opportunity to study their reading development.

Case Study

For years Sam and Paul Jones from Surrey suffered from an undetected eye condition that had a significant impact on their progress at school. Here mum Sue explains how she discovered that her two sons and husband all had the same disorder and why seeking professional help was the best thing she ever did.

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