Your vision is our focus

Being able to see clearly and properly is one of nature's gifts; being able to help you do this in style
and comfort is one of ours.

We're officially called optometrists, but don't let that worry you, it just means we have all of the necessary qualifications to perform the advanced eye testing and diagnosis that takes us closer to your needs.

Perhaps more importantly, however, in a world of quick-fix solutions, you'll be reassured to know that Ellis & Thomson has more than 18 years' experience of providing bespoke spectacles, designer sunglasses, contact lenses and frames, that are matched to your visual requirements and stylistic needs.

In other words, we provide an instant solution tailored just for you - in a medical and a fashion sense.

It's why we say, your vision is our focus, and we really mean it. Come and see us soon.

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